Courageous Followership

Video – Liminal Thinking and the Elephant

This light-hearted whiteboard animation discusses liminal thinking - the part of our reasoning which happens just below the threshold of conscious thought. This phenomenon is demonstrated with the classic tale of the blind men and the elephant: one [...]

Hercules and the Monster

Hercules, travelling along in between his famous trials, came across a foul-looking creature the size of a small rat, blocking his path, snapping and spitting at all who passed by. The demigod raised his club [...]

When Intelligent Disobedience Saved the World

Since nuclear weapons were developed, intelligent disobedience has averted global catastrophe on more than one occasion. In 2001, documents were released that showed that the three submarines on a mission into Cuban waters during the [...]

Healthy Skepticism and Freedom of Belief

Healthy skepticism has always been an important part of my life; I was raised to be a skeptic while still in a religious family, and consider myself to be spiritual, while not accepting magical thinking [...]

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